July 28, 2023

ChatGPT for Fitness: Helpful or Hype?

By Danielle Rosario

I’m sure everyone has heard of ChatGPT by now — the latest and greatest artificial intelligence (AI) trend. With technology continuing to evolve and more advancements being made, it’s quite impressive what ChatGPT is capable of. But have you ever thought of using AI in fitness? Can you use ChatGPT as a workout generator? Curious if AI can make a workout plan designed specifically for you? Is it possible that AI can be a personal trainer? 

These are all valid questions, and given its highly advanced capabilities, it seems you would be able to use ChatGPT for fitness with no problem. But issues of safety, personalization, and effectiveness arise when you turn to AI as your fitness trainer. Read on to discover more!

Can Chatbots Provide Effective Fitness Guidance?

There’s no question whether you can utilize ChatGPT to guide you through a workout plan, but will it offer you effective guidance? While it will vary from person to person, the answer for the general public is most likely no. Unless you are a fitness expert with extensive training, education, and knowledge, the workout guidance you get from an AI chatbot like ChatGPT could actually be misleading and inaccurate. 

Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Intelligence for Fitness 

We can’t really do a fair assessment of the pros vs. cons of ChatGPT fitness because so many factors need to be considered. For instance, the cons list is going to heavily outweigh the pros list if we’re looking at those new to fitness. For those who don’t have much, or any, experience working out, well, I hate to break it to you, but there’s not really a pros list for you. We can’t safely advise you to seek out an AI trainer. 

But for personal trainers, coaches, or fitness instructors, AI can be highly useful. Here are a few pros for the fitness experts:


  • It saves time — Let’s face it — there’s just not enough time in the day, and for those times when life throws you curveballs, AI can make a workout plan for you in a jiffy. Once you familiarize yourself with ChatGPT, it may just become your new assistant AI fitness trainer. Feed it the right prompts, and it could generate workouts as good as yours on the regular, or even better if you’re lucky.
  • You can personalize it — The more specific info you give ChatGPT, the more personalized the workout plan will be. Include details such as age, height/weight, fitness goals, any physical limitations, unique goals, and more to tailor the workout to fit the needs of your client.
  • Easily adaptable — As your client progresses, you can adjust the prompts accordingly to modify the workout plan to match their current level. You want to make sure they are growing and being challenged in a healthy way.

And in terms of AI as a personal trainer, here are some cons for you to consider:


  • No visual demonstration — While AI can make a workout plan for you, your ChatGPT fitness trainer cannot physically show you what the exercise is supposed to look or how to execute it.
  • No hands-on modifications or adjustments — A live trainer or coach can make sure your form and alignment are correct, keeping you safe and helping prevent the risk of injuries. A ChatGPT fitness trainer cannot do that for you. 
  • No real-time guidance or feedback — There’s a lack of the personal human touch. Your AI personal trainer cannot lead you through your workout as a real human would.
  • No motivational or inspirational voice pushing you through your workout — Sometimes, that extra push from a familiar voice is all you need to keep going and push through the burn during a challenging workout. A ChatGPT fitness trainer isn’t present for you in this way.

AI for Fitness: Who It's Best Suited For 

When it comes to using AI for fitness, it’s really best if you leave it to the experts. Or at least for those with at least some fitness experience. AI is only as effective as a fitness trainer as the person who is prompting it. You have to know exactly what details to include and also how to sift through and evaluate the workout it generates for you. 

AI is essentially an incredibly fast-paced research tool, but it isn’t an expert in terms of fitness. Unless you have some type of education or experience involving fitness, you can’t accurately assess what AI has created for you. It could be misleading, inaccurate, and ineffective for what goals you’re trying to attain. 

Comparing ChatGPT and Lagree Classes 

Honestly, there’s not much comparison when it comes to ChatGPT and Lagree classes. The only similarity is that you can get a detailed, specific workout routine to follow. But with ChatGPT, this is a bit of a gamble — it depends on the information you provide. As mentioned before, the more details and specific information you relay to your ChatGPT trainer, the more likely you are to receive a workout better tailored for you.

But unlike a Lagree class, ChatGPT doesn’t offer you a real instructor who will guide you through the class. Keeping you safe by correcting your form and helping you modify any exercises. You’re pretty much on your own. It’s up to you to keep count, maintain effective tempo and proper form, and be your own cheerleader. Let’s go, team — or I mean — go you!

Benefits of Lagree 

If you’re familiar with Lagree, you know it’s a fitness method with a long list of benefits. And if you aren’t well, let’s change that for you right now. The Lagree Method is a low-impact but high-intensity full-body workout. You’ll increase your muscular endurance and strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and flexibility, and body composition. It’s all about creating long and lean muscles —  tightening and toning that bod.

Despite its low-impact nature, expect to get sweaty during a Lagree class as you elevate your heart rate. Your muscles will experience the Lagree shake as they’re pushed to fatigue. And not to mention, you’ll be in good hands with a certified Lagree instructor. You will benefit from their guidance as they support, challenge, and encourage you throughout your entire workout. 

Lagree wins the award for rocking the three Es of fitness — Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Excellence. Max out your fitness benefits with a Lagree workout.

Future of AI Assistants in Fitness: Helpful or Hype? 

As of now, I don’t think personal trainers or fitness coaches need to waste any energy worrying about AI replacing them. We have ways to go before ChatGPT can effectively replace your real-life human personal trainer. I mean, to begin with, can your ChatGPT fitness trainer show you how to execute moves properly? Will an AI trainer adjust your form as you’re working out? No, and no. That’s why the hands-on, visual aspect of a living human being is where AI falls short in fitness. 

But the future of AI trainers in an assistant capacity in the fitness world is looking quite bright. In fact, as technology continues to become more advanced and ChatGPT improves and evolves, any fitness experts who aren’t taking advantage of this helpful tool may fall a few steps behind. Combine your expertise with AI’s efficiency, and you have yourself a game-changer in generating workouts.


If you're a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or fitness enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of workout programs, then feel free to befriend ChatGPT to refresh your current workout or learn something new. Why not take advantage of a speedy research robot that can provide you with a plethora of info at your fingertips in a matter of seconds?

And if you’re inexperienced, lacking fitness expertise, or have any injuries or chronic conditions, well, it’s probably best to set aside the idea of ChatGPT fitness — just a little word to the wise.

But if you’re really curious and want to check out what all this ChatGPT fitness hype is about — go ahead. Just make sure to take any workout program your ChatGPT trainer creates for you and run it by a trusted real-life trainer first. And if you're simply not ready to give AI trainers a go, sign up for your first Lagree class!