July 16, 2024

Lagree: Your Secret for a Beach-Ready Body

By Danielle Rosario

Yup, it’s that time of year again! Hello June, hello sunshine! As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s hard not to daydream about lazy days at the beach. But before you slip into your swimsuit, first things first—make sure your beach bod is on par. 

If you’ve ever been curious about how to get a summer body (without completely killing yourself and spending hours on end in the gym), you’ve landed in the right place. Turn to Lagree for the ultimate beach body workout.

How Lagree Helps You Get Ready for the Summer

Getting in shape for summer can be a challenge, but Lagree's innovative method offers a comprehensive and efficient way to tone your body and boost your confidence just in time for the sunny season.

Targeted Muscle Definition

Lagree is all about intensity—high intensity, low impact. It combines elements of Pilates, strength training, endurance training, cardio, and more to create a challenging and effective workout. The Megaformer is a specialized machine like no other designed for Lagree workouts. 

With slow, controlled movements, you’ll engage multiple muscle groups at once, leading to targeted muscle definition. Get ready to give a warm welcome to those toned arms, sculpted legs, and strong core!

The Afterburn Effect

One of the standout features of Lagree is the afterburn effect. During class, you’ll push your body to the limit, creating tiny muscle tears. As your body repairs these micro-tears, it burns calories even after you’ve left the studio. 

Yes, you read that right—you’ll continue to torch fat long after your session ends. This is why Lagree is perfect for shredding those extra unwanted pounds before you take a dip in the ocean.

Improving Balance and Stability

We mentioned Lagree’s focus on slow, controlled movements, which helps with targeted muscle definition. But this slow, steady tempo also enhances your balance and stability. You can build a solid foundation by engaging your core and performing the Megaformer workout. 

Stronger stability can be useful, especially in the summer. Whether you’re paddleboarding, playing beach volleyball, or simply walking along the shore on the sand, improved balance will make your beach experience more enjoyable.

Boosting Your Confidence for the Beach

With improved balance and stability comes a sense of strength and confidence. Let’s face it—confidence matters when you’re rocking that swimsuit. Imagine yourself, shoulders back, chest open, chin up—owning your beach body. This is what we want for you. Let’s get rid of the slumped posture, arms crossed over your stomach stance. Ew!

By transforming your body, Lagree helps you feel more confident. As you start to see visible results—tighter abs, lifted glutes, and toned arms—you’ll feel ready to confidently strut your stuff on the sand. Nothing is as beautiful as confidence.

Consistency and Visible Results

How to get a summer body? Consistency! Consistency is key, and not just with Lagree. Seriously—consistency is like the secret ingredient in life. It helps you in every possible area. 

Aim for at least three sessions per week to see the best results. Remember, it’s not just about the summer body workout—it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Combine Lagree with proper nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest for optimal results. Establish a routine that works for you, and be consistent. Add consistency to that confidence, and you’ll be sizzling on that beach.

Getting Started With Lagree

By now it should be blatantly clear that Lagree is a great choice for a summer body workout. But how do you get started if you’re new to the method?

  1. Find a studio: Look for a Lagree studio near you. More and more studios are popping up all around the world. Certified instructors will guide you through the movements and ensure proper form during your workout.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing: You’ll be moving, sweating, and challenging your body, so choose breathable activewear that you’re comfortable in.
  3. Sticky grip socks: For safety and sanitary reasons, sticky grip socks are mandatory for all Lagree classes. Buy a few pairs and keep one in the car so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them when you’re in a rush. We all have those days. 
  4. Hydrate: Lagree is intense, so drink plenty of water before and after your session.
  5. Listen to your body: If an exercise feels too difficult, modify it. Lagree is about quality over quantity. The great thing about Lagree is that it’s suitable for all ages and experience levels. The workout can easily be adapted to accommodate the needs of each individual. 

Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles

Although we’d like to hope and think that we may be lucky enough to avoid any obstacles along our journey, that’s just not so realistic. There are a few common hindrances that people can experience. We’ll leave you with a few simple tips on how to jump over those hurdles as they cross your path.

  • Time constraints: Lagree classes typically last 45 minutes to an hour. Schedule your sessions in advance to prioritize your health. Organize your social calendar around your workout, not the other way around. The “I don’t have time” excuse is so yesterday. 
  • Soreness: Expect some muscle soreness, especially if you’re new to Lagree. It’s perfectly normal. Embrace it as a sign of progress! There’s a difference, though, between a beneficial soreness vs. an injury-based one. If you’re unsure, talk to your certified Lagree coach.
  • Plateaus: Mix up your routine by trying different Lagree variations or attending different classes. It’s easy to get comfortable with our go-tos. Shake things up and try something new.

Maintaining Your Summer Body All Year Long

Lagree isn’t just for the summer—it’s a year-round commitment. Keep up the hard work you’ve put in, and call your friend (consistency) into play. 

Incorporating Lagree into Your Lifestyle

Don’t think of Lagree solely as your beach body workout. It’s a lifestyle, a choice. Lifestyle refers to the way a person lives, including everything from habits to attitudes to moral standards. 

Make Lagree a habit, not just a seasonal fling. Good habits take time to build, so there’s no reason to let the good ones slip away with the warm weather as summer comes to an end. 

Focusing on Nutrition and Recovery

No workout is successful without its sidekicks—nutrition and rest. Fuel your body with wholesome foods—think unprocessed or minimally processed foods. They provide essential nutrients and health benefits. 

Here are some suggestions for nutritious foods to help you get the most out of your workout:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables: These are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Include a variety of colorful fruits and veggies in your diet for optimal health.
  2. Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants.
  3. Whole grains: Opt for whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, oats, and whole wheat bread. They provide complex carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients.
  4. Lean meats: Chicken, turkey, and fish (such as salmon and tuna) are great sources of protein without excessive saturated fat.
  5. Legumes: Beans, lentils, and chickpeas are packed with protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals.
  6. Dairy: Choose plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk. They offer calcium, protein, and probiotics.

A well-balanced nutritious diet will vary from person to person depending on several factors, such as dietary restrictions or allergies for example. Choose whole foods that work for you and that you enjoy! A healthy, wholesome diet doesn’t have to be boring. 

And last but not least, a good night’s sleep is vital for your overall health and well-being. In order for your body to properly recover after a workout, it needs not only nutritious foods but enough rest as well. Yummy eats and catching those Z’s will work wonders when it comes to your beach body. 


Lagree is more than a workout—it’s a fabulous lifestyle. So grab your towel, hit the studio, and get ready to flaunt that beach-ready body all year long! Kick off your summer with Lagree and sign up for your first class!