Sofia Varela


Sofia is a fun-loving Latina that will dance her way into your hearts and then spice it up with a killer workout that will get your blood surging.

She is an SF native who grew up being exposed to loved ones and friends suffering from an array of health problems, which is far too common in the Hispanic community. This ignited her journey to become a health and wellness enthusiast and dedicated 7 years learning and educating her community on proper supplementation, diet and exercise. Before getting on a Megaformer, she was dedicated to dance all throughout high school & college, lifting weights at the gym and running.

She became an instructor over 3 years ago and her appreciation for this workout has only grown stronger with time. Her attention to detail in every move gives you the burn and results your body craves. Sofia’s classes are fun yet challenging, breath-centric and empowering, and playlists that get make you want to dance. (She loves throwing in a good mix of latin spice and 90s/2000s hip hop as well.) You’ll love the vibes of the class setting but still walk away feeling like you received a personal session dedicated to your body’s needs.

When not on a Megaformer, she is spending time with her loved ones or enjoying all the beautiful perks of SF ranging from hiking, sailing and discovering new food joints.