April 28, 2024

Does Pilates Build Muscle? Instead, Try Lagree

Many people think of Pilates as a weight loss solution. And that's not a bad thing. Being fit and trim are great byproducts of a strength training regimen like Pilates. Also, if you're already feeling good about , Pilates can help you improve your form and perhaps get even more ripped than before. But does Pilates build muscle? The answer is no; it doesn't because it focuses mainly on low-weight, high repetition movements.

However, there's an even better method for toning and strengthening, which has been growing in popularity recently: The Lagree Fitness program. With each rep of the different exercises, you'll engage multiple muscles, from your glutes and legs to your core and upper body.

How (Megaformer) Pilates is Strength Training

Pilates and strength training are two different ways to train your body, but they can be used together to create an even more effective workout routine. Many people think that you can't do strength training on the Lagree Megaformer or that it's not worth it. But if you're looking for a way to get stronger and leaner, this is the perfect way to do it!

Many people who take up Megaformer Pilates find that it gives them better results than traditional weight lifting or cardio workouts. Here's why:

  • You can use your body weight as resistance. Unlike traditional weightlifting (where you lift increasingly heavy weights), you're not limited by how much you can lift — just how much effort you put into it. So even if you're new to exercise or recovering from an injury, you'll be able to get great results from this type of workout.
  • It's low impact and just requires yourself on a Megaformer! For this workout you just need to show up to class, pick a Megaformer, and get started! This makes it perfect for people with limited time and space.
  • It's excellent for building muscle mass and shaping your body! The combination of strength training and stretching helps build muscle mass and flexibility while improving balance and coordination.
  • It improves balance and coordination, in addition to strengthening muscles and burning calories!

Does Lagree Tone Your Body?

The Lagree Method is a series of high-impact, low-impact, and static exercises. The idea behind this method is that you will perform a series of exercises that target specific muscles in your body. These exercises are designed to increase your heart rate and cause your muscles to burn more calories than usual, resulting in increased muscle tone and a leaner appearance overall. How does it tone your body?

  • Lagree fitness works every muscle in your body, especially those typically neglected, such as your core and lower back muscles, and it strengthens them, improving your posture, flexibility, and balance.
  • The Lagree Method is known for its ability to reduce cellulite and excess fat deposits by targeting specific areas with sculpting exercises that improve circulation and boost metabolism.
  • It improves cardiovascular health by increasing overall heart rate during each exercise session so that more oxygen and nutrients are carried to the muscles being worked out, thereby improving endurance levels and overall stamina.
  • It increases muscle mass which helps burn more calories throughout the day even when you're not exercising!

Why Athletes Should Incorporate Lagree in Their Routine

If you are looking to get stronger or an athlete looking to improve your performance and increase lean muscle mass, you should consider incorporating Lagree fitness into your routine. This exercise method was developed specifically to improve strength and endurance while burning fat at the same time. 

Here are some reasons why bodybuilders should incorporate Lagree in their routine:

It’s Great for Your Back

If you have back problems or want to prevent them, Lagree fitness is for you. The movements help strengthen the lower back muscles and avoid injury.

It’s Good for Your Abs

The large range of motion involved in the exercises will improve your core strength, which is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing back pain. It also helps burn fat faster by increasing muscle mass.

It Helps Build Muscle Mass

Lagree fitness is a great way to increase lean muscle mass without adding bulk. This makes it ideal for those who want to bulk up without getting bulky. The high intensity of this workout ensures that all of your muscles are worked out thoroughly, so they can recover quickly enough to be ready for another session soon after completing this one.

Burns Calories 

The Lagree Method burns up to 1,000 calories per hour, equivalent to running at a seven mph pace for two hours straight! You can burn more calories by doing the exercises faster and with added resistance.

Improves Mobility 

The movements help improve your range of motion and balance to use more muscles during your workouts. This will help improve overall body stability, leading to better muscle gains over time.

Strengthens Core 

This will help improve overall body stability. Strengthening your core will prevent injuries while lifting heavy weights or moving quickly in your workouts.

What is Lagree Fitness, aka Megaformer Pilates?

Lagree is a fitness concept that combines the principles of Pilates with the power of resistance to create a workout that builds lean muscle while toning your body and burning fat.

Lagree fitness is based on the Pilates Method, which uses controlled movements to strengthen muscles and improve posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination. The Megaformer machine has been specifically designed for this type of training. It consists of a platform and two springs that apply resistance to your movements as you perform exercises on it.

The Lagree Method combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with Pilates-inspired exercises to create a full-body workout that’s great for both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Which Muscle Groups Does Lagree Target?

Lagree's capacity to target various muscles—many of which are unaffected by conventional cardio workouts like running or cycling—and offer a true full-body workout is one of its most widely acknowledged advantages.

Lagree has been shown to have a significant impact on a number of certain muscles, including:

Stabilizer Muscles (Back Muscles)

Lagree will push you to train deep back muscles like the transverse abdominis, which acts as your body's natural girdle and surrounds your spine and the multifidi. As their name suggests, stabilizer muscles stabilize. They support the stability of your core, pelvis, and spine. You may regulate the movements throughout your exercises by concentrating on what's occurring internally and maintaining a solid center.

Iliopsoas (Inner Hip Muscles)

These two muscles interact, yet they are quite difficult to find, much less target with regular exercises. With Lagree fitness, the iliopsoas, which connect the lower spine, hip, and front of the thigh, can be built fairly well. Even if you can't see the tiny iliopsoas in the mirror, you will surely feel the effects. Many simple movements, such bending side to side and flexing your spine, depend on it.

Gluteus (Specifically the “Under Butt” Area)

Squats, bridges, lunges, curls, and presses can all work the hamstrings, glute max, and glute med. Your "under butt" is the most difficult area to target and improve, though. Luckily, Lagree is good for lifting and tightening the glutes and toning the back of the legs. You'll get a rounder, elevated tush soon after you start working out on the Megaformer.

Internal Obliques (Side Abs)

The internal and external oblique muscle groups make up the body. Your external obliques are worked by bicycle crunches, helping you develop sculpted abdominal muscles. However, static side planks tone your internal obliques. Side planks help maintain a flat, compact midsection by using a muscle group similar to the transverse abdominis. And as you might guess, Lagree will work both of these groups.

Inner Thighs

One of the reasons Lagree is so popular is that it is regarded as one of the few head-to-toe exercises available. Finding a workout or activity that targets one's inner thighs can be challenging, but the Megaformer has you covered. Your adductor muscles are efficiently targeted by zipping in and out while maintaining balance as you struggle against the force of gravity.

Teres Major and Minor (Shoulder and Under Arm Muscles)

Teres major and minor, two crucial muscles, are located beneath your rear deltoids (the back of your shoulders). They are crucial because, along with the much bigger latissimus dorsi, they constrict the armpit and assist in reducing unattractive arm flab. Pushups and triceps presses can also help with this. Still, the best exercises for shaping one's upper arms involve using the back muscles, and Lagree offers plenty of exercises to target those areas.

Does Megaformer Pilates Build Muscle?

The short answer is yes, but only if you use the machine correctly and with proper form. Failing to use it properly can cause injury rather than build muscle.

Megaformer Pilates builds lean muscles through controlled movements that increase strength in muscles like your abs, back, and arms and improve balance and flexibility throughout your entire body. This type of exercise will also help develop efficient movement patterns so you can move more efficiently in everyday life without injuries occurring due to poor posture or repetitive motions such as typing at a computer all day long.

The Bottom Line

Lagree fitness is an excellent workout for anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit. If you're struggling with your weight and want to do something about it, it can help you. The Lagree fitness results speak for themselves—they offer an easy way to burn calories quickly and conveniently. Sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class here today!