Becca Sweetland


Becca is a Chicago, Illinois native who loves to help others in their fitness journey. Her love of movement was ignited in college when she got diagnosed with SIBO and needed to learn what movement works for her body. She became interested in gut health in connection to fitness and learning how they work together, which led to her nutrition and NASM personal training certifications. Now she helps others learn what movement feels best for their body and how to nourish it as well!

She has been a second grade teacher for the past 4 years and after starting her own gut health and fitness side business she decided to leave teaching to pursue fitness full time. She’s excited to continue coaching others in group fitness and help them feel confident in their bodies.

When not on the megaformer, you can find Becca hanging out with her husband and puppy exploring their new city to find the best food, coffee, views, and hikes.