April 29, 2024

8 Things to Know Before You Take Lagree Classes

So you’ve heard of “Lagree fitness” and maybe you’re still at the point where you’re wondering what it is — or — you’re ready to dive in and take your first class. While it’s a big step (in the right direction), it’s the best, sweatiest, shakiest decision you’ll ever make!

We won’t let you dive in without giving you the proper LF415 treatment of “Pre-Class Must-knows” so let’s get to it!

#1 Arrive Early to Your Lagree Class If It's Your First Time

…And no, this doesn’t mean 1min before class starts! If you’ve never been on a Megaformer or it’s been a long time since you’ve taken class, arrive EARLY. Early in our books is 10 minutes before your class start time. This allows you to meet your trainer, have them show you the machine, and learn what to expect in class. This early arrival is essential in going over potential injuries, discussing your experience level, and learning all of the components of the Megaformer before you make your first spring change!

#2 Grippy Socks Are Required (or Highly Recommended at Most Studios)

Safety first! During your sweat session in between all of the shakes (we’ll get to more of that down below) and moments of pure intensity, your grippy socks will be there to help keep you secure on the Megaformer. Grippies work well with the material of the machine which allows you to really own your form during the workout as well as ensure the cleanliness of others on the machine before and after you. We love your feet, but believe in safety first and also wearing grippy socks that are cute AF.

#3 The Names of Lagree Exercises May Be New to You

In the first few minutes of class, you’ll most likely hear your trainer call out exercises such as “Wheelbarrow” “Bear” “Saw” and “Express Lunge”. You may find yourself looking around the room at your surrounding teammates thinking “What the %$&^ is a Bear?!” — We’ve got you covered. Lagree trainers are qualified to walk you through each and every exercise with a thorough explanation of how to get in the move, maneuver through it and stay in it as long as you possibly can. While the names are different, you’ll learn them quickly and never think of “Bear” the same as you did before your Lagree class — we promise.

#4 You’re Going to Shake…a Lot

The shakes are REAL. This is because of the Type 1 Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers recruited during your Lagree class. These are the muscles that allow you to endure a longer burn due to their use of oxygen to generate energy. Here’s an example: You’ve probably completed a single leg lunge exercise and felt a burn in that leg. Imagine taking that same lunge, slowing it down to a full-up + down 8 count tempo, then adding holds, pulses, and more full-range variations - all on one leg. Your muscles aren’t just going to burn — they’re going to SHAKE. It’s a huge part of the Lagree magic that we love so much.

#5 Lagree Modifications Are Always Offered to Progress or Regress the Exercise

This method is for everyone. By this, we mean that anyone (without limiting injuries that prohibit exercise) could come to take a Lagree class and get a workout that is tailored for their current level of fitness. Trainers are able to place you into a move and based on experience/comfortability modify you to make the move more advanced, intermediate, or beginner. This is also a great way to track your progress in classes.

#6 Try to Control Your Breathing

Holding your breath while exercising is a very common struggle most people battle with. Even though the Lagree Method is a high-intensity workout it’s still low-impact. With the slow and controlled movements, it allows for an opportunity to work on breathing while maintaining form and posture in your exercises. More breathe control = more mind-body connection + more fuel to push through those tough moments.

#7 Get Ready for Quick Lagree Transitions

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class then you’re familiar with a FLOW format. This is where you move as seamlessly as possible from one move to the next with minimal if any, rest. On the Megaformer, spring changes are essential but your trainer will guide you through the quick process of making these changes and getting into your next move all within the blink of an eye. Think of it this way: More time spent in transitions means less time spent in the exercise. Every second counts! Fast transitions also help you stay present, keeping your mind and muscles engaged from start to finish.

#8 You're Going to Be Sore — It's Normal

You’ve made it through your first class. You go to your car — everything is still shaking. You’re wondering “What just happened?!” And then BOOM. The soreness sets in. Most likely in your core first and then in your upper and lower body… Welcome to Lagree. This is the moment your fitness game levels up and we’re here to tell you to KEEP GOING. Instead of feeling defeated after your first class, we encourage you to feel EMPOWERED. It’s something new and exciting that your mind and body get to learn to help you be the best version of YOU. Don’t hesitate on booking your next class. Book your Megaformer and start your new journey.

The biggest piece of advice we have? Just go for it! We’ve got you covered on the specifics here at LF415 — all we need you to do is show up! Check your vibes at the door and get ready to have fun with us — we can’t wait to see you. Sign up for your first class.