July 16, 2024

Springs vs. Weights: Understanding the Megaformer

Lagree Fitness was created in 1998 by the fitness professional Sebastian Lagree. He developed the method after 15 years of careful research and first-hand experience in the fitness world. Sebastian was a former pilates instructor who understood the need for a more intense workout than Pilates, especially after hearing many of his clients weren’t getting their desired results.

Sebastian used his preexisting knowledge and took many of the great aspects from Pilates while inventing the new method, such as muscular strength, core stability, and flexibility. By adding more dynamic elements to the workout, the workout was completely amplified.

This combination of high-intensity yet low-impact was powerful. The only thing missing was a new machine to complement the new method. And, that’s the story of how Megaformer came to be and how the Lagree method was born.

What Is the Megaformer?

The best way to describe the Megaformer is a ‘reformer on steroids.’ Both the machines use two platforms; one for the back and one on the front, with a middle gliding carriage for the various movements.

The slow Lagree movements bring in an element of cardio without sacrificing intensity. The machine aesthetically is much bigger than the traditional reformer with more springs, platforms, and straps.

Why Does the Megaformer Use Springs?

Ever since Lagree’s conception, the springs played a pivotal role in the creation of the machine and performing the Lagree moves. Tension-based springs, customizable for different Megaformer models, were made to be easily used by the people taking the class.

Another thing that sets the Megaformer apart from all other workout machines is spring change. Over the years, this method has been perfected to offer the most effective way to change springs resistance, and transition between moves seamlessly.

The Lagree machines provide the perfect middle-ground between bands and weights. Lagree prefers springs over weights because of the adjustable tension and resistance that comes from springs.

Benefits of Spring-Based Tension vs. Weights

There are many benefits of doing a Lagree Fitness class instead of using weights. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Because of springs, the entire workout is low-impact. That means, your connective tissues and joints remain safe compared to lifting weights that put unnecessary and extra stress on tissue and joints.
  • You can exercise better control over your movements with springs and a platform that slides in a singular plane than with free weights.
  • The spring-based tension encourages better engagement during longer movements. As a result, muscle stimulation is awesome with Lagree.
  • Variable tension allows for better tension adjustment by moving your body. To do that, Megaformer uses numbers and lines on the carriage and platform that your instructor will use for body positioning.

What Are the After-Class Health Benefits of Lagree?

This Pilates-inspired workout routine has myriad after-class benefits to offer, such as:

  • Better postural alignment, flexibility, and coordination
  • Lean muscle mass and more toned muscles
  • Less stress and a stable mood. Better self-esteem and healthier body image.
  • Better body composition 
  • Weight loss
  • Better metabolic rate
  • Helps muscles grow and prevents aging

Advantages of Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer

Let's discover the benefits of Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer and see why this innovative machine is transforming full-body workouts.

Wide Range of Motion

The springs on the Megaformer are highly adjustable which allows for easier pushing and pulling in various directions and positions. For better support, there’s a back and front platform along with cables to support seamless movements.

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workout

If done right, Lagree can give you a super cardio workout. It can get your heart pumping; something that Pilates doesn’t usually to achieve. It’s important, however, to maintain controlled and slow movements with consistent bodily tension throughout the class to achieve that effect. Low-impact, high-intensity workouts help to lower blood pressure while also promoting fat loss.

Ideal For All Fitness Levels

The potential for customization on the Megaformer is practically endless. It means you can tailor the settings to suit any body type and fitness level. If you’re a fitness freak, you can increase the resistance by adjusting the springs. If you’re a beginner, overweight, or lack the strength; you can adjust the tension to meet your resistance level. If you’re unsure about which settings to stick with, your coaches can help you!

Suitable For All Ages

High-impact exercises like running, biking, or weight-lifting are not ideal for all ages; especially older people. Because of this, many older folks may feel like high-energy workouts are not for them. However, the Megaformer has changed that.

By offering low-impact yet high-intensity workouts; the Megaformer doesn’t discriminate. There are endless exercise variations for all fitness levels and age groups.

A Full-Body Workout

As the fitness world grows more conscious about what constitutes true health; it has become increasingly apparent that the best way to maintain your physique and health is to engage in full-body workouts. Megaformer does just that. It targets every single muscle group and body part.

No other workout routine offers this kind of wholesome promise for wholesome health.

The Bottom Line on Lagree Fitness

Lagree Fitness is, without a doubt, one of the most revolutionary technologies in the world of fitness and health. It’s no wonder that celebrities like Megan Markle and Sofia Vergara swear by it.

If you are a first timer, get your first class or download our app for iOS (iPhone) or Android. See you on the Megaformer!