March 23, 2022

Katie Lyons: An Interview with the Lagree Fit 415 Founder

Meet Katie Lyons, the founder of Lagree Fit 415.

Hey Katie! Let's get started, tell us about your fitness journey.

So I have always been active. I grew up swimming and playing water polo, and I actually went on to play water polo in college at UC Berkeley.

After the college sports ended, I was looking for a workout on land and stumbled into Lagree fitness when I was living in Los Angeles. And, not soon after that, I was completely hooked to the workout.

How did you get into Lagree Fitness? 

It’s funny because most people I talk to sign up for their first Lagree class because of a friend or referral. My story was a bit more random - I just found a studio online and went to my first class.

After taking many classes with different instructors over the course of a few years, I decided to get certified because I loved it so much. And shortly after, I started teaching at a studio in Los Angeles.

So what inspired you to start your own studio? 

I was living in LA at the time and I knew I wanted to move back to the Bay Area. I grew up in San Francisco and most of my family is still up here.

When I moved back, I saw an opportunity to open a studio. The zip code was available in Mission Bay, and it was a really up-and-coming area at the time. It ended up being the perfect place to start Lagree Fit 415. So basically, I just jumped right in.

What would you say separates Lagree Fit 415 from other studios?

I think it’s two things.

One, we have the best trainers, period. Our trainers truly care about our clients and their form, and make it a priority to connect with clients and get to know them on a personal level, beyond just the Lagree workout.

And then two, we have such a strong and loyal client base in San Francisco. Our clients are diverse and come from all over the world, which makes this a really special place to work out. I think a lot of people come to the studio to connect with other people - there’s a bit of a community here.

What is your favorite Lagree move and why?

Hmm…probably French Twist. Nothing else quite targets your obliques like that move. My boyfriend calls it the “widow maker” because it burns so much!

What type of music do you like in your classes?

I love EDM for my Lagree classes. I discover most of my songs on Spotify.

When you’re not busy being the owner of Lagree Fit 415, what do you enjoy doing?

I like walking in Marina Green Park (Crissy Field). I am also probably taking classes at Lagree Fit 415, and, I love traveling. Oh, I also love food. I’m a bit of a foodie.

For those reading this, come take a class with us! We’ll see you in the studio.