November 3, 2021

Lagree vs Pilates

“I’m new to pilates”
“I’ve always wanted to try pilates”
“This pilates machine looks different!”
“This pilates class was so much harder!”

…If you’ve ever visited a Lagree Fitness Studio, you may have found yourself referring to the method as “Pilates”. While there are a few remaining Lagree studios that have “Pilates” in their name, the Lagree community has worked hard to create a separation between the Method and Traditional Pilates.

Let’s find out how they differ:

#1 - Lagree Equipment: MEGAFORMER

Lagree Fitness takes place on a Megaformer which is a highly advanced, ever-evolving machine that uses spring-load tension. The Megaformer was invented by Sebastien Lagree.

Pilates Equipment: REFORMER
At first-glance, this machine may look similar but in reality it’s an entirely different piece of equipment! The Reformer was invented years ago by Joseph Pilates. While the reformer is a well-known machine, Pilates can take place on a mat using bodyweight, bands, a pilates ball or on a Reformer.

#2 - The Exercises

While you will recognize key exercises (*i.e. squat, lunge, biceps curl etc) you will also notice new exercises that have their own names created by Lagree: Giant Wheelbarrow, Mega donkey, Catfish, Fifth Lunge + more.

Pilates remains true to their practice with key exercises that you will find to be similar in most Pilates classes.

#3 - The Intensity

Within seconds (not minutes), you’ll notice your muscles quivering and find yourself looking at others in the room like “what the BLEEP did I get myself into?” - Yep, this is totally normal.

While Pilates is an extremely effective workout, there is no cardio or endurance training involved. Pilates works well to focus on specific muscle groups at one time while Lagree works using multiple muscle groups at once.

#4 - The Core Burn

Lagree gives you a core workout that stands strong in its own lane. The Megaformer increases core strength and endurance through exercises that focus on your stabilizing muscles which help enhance your balance. These intrinsic core muscles promote a strong, healthy core which differs from your “superficial abs” known as your rectus abdominis. Your core stabilizing muscles will become stronger from various max tension holds, slow and controlled movements and sets that focus on time under tension.

Pilates focuses on movements originating at the core and spine while emphasizing stretching techniques vs strength in a low-impact workout. Many core exercises in Pilates will take place on your back versus in plank holds.

#5 - The After-effect

It’s rare that a low-impact workout can produce such big results. Since Lagree focuses on working multiple muscle groups at one time, your workouts continue post-class. Engaging more muscle groups in a shorter time allows your body to burn energy for up to 24 hours after your 40-50 min class.

If you’ve taken a Pilates class, you’ve experienced the burn. Since Pilates spends more time emphasizing the particular muscle groups one at a time, your body isn’t burning as much energy post-class.

#6 - The Energy

Lagree trainers get it. We’ve been right in your grippy socks and are trained to BRING THE HEAT. This means we push you to your limits, get you through those tough moments and remind you that on the Megaformer, anything is possible. The energy in a LF415 class is unparalleled.

Pilates does an amazing job of providing a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere during class vs a more high-energy class where the music is at a higher volume and you are being pushed to muscle failure.

The Verdict: Both of these methods are amazing in their own way. It’s important to know and understand the differences so you can find the method that works best for YOU. Lagree has been widely successful for the Pilates-lover who wanted to maintain a low-impact workout but with a little more energy and intensity. Try it out for yourself and see which method you love so you can get to work!

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