May 18, 2022

The Top Fitness Trends in 2022 by ClassPass

The future is now. Or so they say. 

We all know that fitness is constantly evolving and changing. Each year, there seems to be a new trend in the fitness industry—some stick around for the long haul, while some fads disappear as soon as they come.

It's essential to stay on top of the trends and understand the workouts that are proven to make you stronger, and show individuals the results they are looking for. If you're looking for an effective, safe workout this year, it's time to stop what you're doing and try something new: Megaformer Pilates, also known as Lagree Fitness.

A quick Google search will show that ClassPass rated Lagree (Megaformer Pilates) as the trendiest workout in 2019. That year, over a million Megaformer classes were attended by ClassPass users, which was a 38.6% increase compared to 2018.

And, what's even more impressive, in 2022, Lagree is still going strong as the 4th highest fitness trend in the United States according to ClassPass.

So why is this workout still so popular? Read on to find out!

Okay, so What Is Megaformer Pilates, AKA Lagree Fitness?

Pilates is an excellent way to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. If you're looking for new fitness classes in 2022, the Megaformer might be for you. Pilates-inspired and created by Sebastien Lagree, this machine combines Pilates with cardio and strength training in an intense but fun workout that can be modified for all fitness levels.

The Megaformer is meant for slow-tempo, methodical movements, but it's not as easy as it looks! Made of heavy steel, the Megaformer slides on a track while the user maneuvers their body into various positions to complete exercises that target all muscle groups. The pace is slow because each movement is performed for 45 seconds or more—and yes, you may shake!

You'll feel your muscles burning and shaking as they work hard to maintain each position—which means you'll have to engage your core and call on your willpower to keep going. While it's not easy, it's great because anyone can practice Lagree and benefit from it.

Benefits of Lagree

We mentioned that Megaformer is great for improving flexibility and strength, but what are the other benefits? Let’s go deeper into this!

Better Strength

Lagree is a strength workout that gives you the best of both worlds: the burn and the shake of an intense fitness class and the long, lean muscular movements of a Pilates or barre class. You'll work for every muscle group—quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs, core—and because you're constantly moving your arms or legs at different angles, you're constantly engaging your stabilizer muscles. That helps build overall stability and strength in a very efficient way.

More Flexibility

Lagree is a great way to get more flexible, especially if you're naturally not a very flexible person. You can expect to increase your range of motion and improve muscle elasticity. What does that mean for you? Your body will be able to move more easily, have better posture, and be less likely to sustain injuries in other activities. Oh yeah, and it's great for stress relief and relaxation!

Better Balance

Pilates is one of the most effective ways to improve balance and stability, and Lagree's focus on core strength and stability is also a great way to work on your balance. Whether you're working out on a stationary machine or taking a class at the gym, Lagree's slower moves will challenge your balance in new ways.

As a bonus, improving your stability will help strengthen your joints, ligaments, and tendons—all those little parts that keep us moving smoothly through life!

Stronger Core

Many people have poor posture because they don't engage their core muscles regularly enough. This can get in the way of physical activities and daily tasks—it's tough to maintain good form when you're carrying something heavy or swimming for long periods if your core is weak.

Performing various exercises using the Lagree Fitness method helps build strength and stability in the muscles that make up your core. You'll feel yourself standing taller, and performing all kinds of tasks will be easier than before.

Enhanced Cardio

You know that heart rate monitor you've been told to wear to the gym? Whether you're doing cardio or strength training, you'll find it challenging to keep your heart rate in the target zone during this workout. All of Lagree's exercises engage multiple muscle groups at once—not only does this help with calorie burning and toning and building strength.

Improved Mental Health and Breathing

Lagree fitness is fantastic for breathing. Breathing is deeply connected to our emotional state and our daily ability to deal with stressors. When we can't breathe properly, we are prone to feeling overwhelmed or panicky when things get tough.

Lagree teaches you how to breathe naturally (in through the nose and out through the mouth) for maximum oxygen intake, reducing stress and anxiety levels. It's also very calming; when you focus on breathing during exercise, it brings a sense of clarity that can be difficult to achieve otherwise. You'll hear your instructors at Lagree Fit 415 constantly reminding you to breathe!

Overall, Feeling Like a Superhero

A certain feeling comes with doing something you know is good for you. Maybe it's experiencing a moment of pride after you've stuck to your diet for a day and resisted the temptations of the office candy jar. Perhaps it's that sense of accomplishment when you walk into the gym after not being there in weeks, months, or years.

Lagree is one of those things that you know is good for your body—it will make you stronger, fitter, and more toned—but it also makes you feel like a superhero while you're doing it.

So, Why Does Lagree Fitness Continue to Be So Popular?

The answer is in the results. The method has been clinically shown to be more effective than traditional weight training, and the benefits of taking part in this kind of fitness are immense. Here are a few reasons you should make Lagree part of your fitness routine if you haven't already:

1. It gives you a full-body workout in half an hour.

2. It burns fat while toning your muscles.

3. You can do it three times a week or more.

4. It's easy on your joints.

5. Recovery time is shorter than in other workouts.

What We Should Expect for Years to Come

Lagree continues to evolve, adding new exercises and more variations of existing ones. Expectations in the fitness industry have evolved too since Lagree first came around, with people placing more emphasis on overall wellness than they used to.

The fact that Lagree workouts can be tailored to one's individual needs means that it fits this new trend of customized fitness. You can count on being able to get your Lagree fix for years to come!