December 7, 2021

What is Resistance Training & Why It’s a Core Part of Lagree Fitness

Let's jump in: what is Resistance Training and how does it work?

Resistance training is essentially any type of physical activity that aims to improve muscular fitness. It accomplishes this by targeting a group of muscles and exercising them against a form of external resistance. The main objective is to contract the muscle when pushed against some form of resistance. 

Resistance-based exercises are known to improve strength, muscle hypertrophy, power, and endurance. Common examples of external resistance include exercise tubing aka resistance bands, dumbbells, bricks, heavy water bottles, bodyweight, and/or any object that causes muscle contraction.

Examples of Resistance Training:

You can strengthen any muscle group by indulging in certain exercises. They are easy to perform at both the gym and home.

The most common types of resistance training are:

  • Medicine balls - This typically includes weighted balls.
  • Weight machines - These machines come with adjustable seats. The handles come attached with either hydraulics or some kind of weight.
  • Resistance bands - Rubber bands are a common example of resistance bands. You put them around your hands or thighs and when you stretch them, it applies a ton of resistance on the target muscles. The beauty of resistance bands is they are portable. You can work with them anywhere. With each movement, you get continuous resistance.
  • Bodyweight - Using your own body weight is another common trick to use resistance. Mostly, this is done in the form of chin-ups, squats, and push-ups. This is a convenient way of doing resistance training with no access to equipment.
  • Free weights -  Free weights are the most used accessory for strength training. Barbells and dumbbells are loved by many in the gym-lover community.

How Resistance Training is Used in Lagree Fitness:

  1. The Megaformer uses Resistance - The Lagree machine, known as the Megaformer, comes with adjustable spring resistance. This allows for adjustable stress on the joints and connective tissues to reach peak muscle contraction more easily.
  2. Range of Motion - Lagree places a heavy focus on movement and form. With a strong consideration for a full range of motion, it targets different muscle groups effectively while also increasing flexibility.
  3. Accessible for All Levels - The Megaformer machine is highly adjustable to your fitness level. Beginner or advanced - there is a way for everyone to achieve a workout that best serves them.
  4. Tempo - Lagree focuses on maintaining slow + controlled movements from start to finish with no momentum applied during any movements. The goal? Time under tension. When you work slowly against the resistance, the muscular tension remains constant which is where that crazy burn comes into play.. While under tension, your muscles can recruit additional secondary muscles to assist you in the exercise. A slower speed is your friend in class as the movement activates slow fat-burning muscle fibers.
  5. Duration - Every set of resistance exercises with Lagree Fitness is performed for about 1-2+ minutes depending on your muscle group. This time-frame is designed to activate both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers with minimum transition time between exercises so that the muscles can keep working and the heart rate can continue to slowly rise.
Benefits of the Megaformer

Most high-intensity workouts and exercises generally come with high-impact movements. But Lagree Fitness has changed that narrative.. It found a way to blend low-impact and high-intensity exercises effortlessly which is why the method is loved all around the world.

To put it simply: The Megaformer made the impossible, possible. An incredible machine that targets every single muscle group and movement the human body can perform? There’s nothing quite like it. Many health experts have deemed the Megaformer as ‘the ultimate workout machine. It offers incredible strength training, cardio training, adjustable resistance, fast transitions, and endless variations of essential exercises. All movements are low impact with adjustable settings that allow everyone to benefit from and use the Megaformer. This diversity within the machine allows it to adapt and cater to the goals/needs of each individual.

How Lagree Helps Strength, Power, Hypertrophy, & Endurance

STRENGTH - Muscular strength refers to how much force your muscles can exert during an activity. Working against resistance is the best way to achieve stronger muscles. The most common examples include: springs, gravity, and/or weights. Lagree achieves muscular strength by training the body in a counter-resistance fashion.

ENDURANCE - Muscular endurance refers to your muscles’ ability to perform without fatigue. Higher endurance allows you to keep working continuously without feeling tired. Paradoxically, to achieve this goal where you can perform without fatigue, you must train your muscles to first experience that fatigue. With Lagree, you are continuously training the muscles at a level of intensity that stimulates improvement within your muscles.

BODY COMPOSITION - Body composition essentially measures the amount of fat, muscles, bone, and other vital parts that make up your entire body. What you see on a bathroom scale is your total body weight. If you’ve ever stepped on a scale first thing in the morning and then again later - you have most likely experienced a fluctuating number - IYKYK. The important thing to know here is that the bathroom scale doesn't tell how much fat you have against the body weight and how much lean mass you have such as ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles. To ensure wholesome health and a full-body workout, you must factor in the body composition. The Lagree method promotes lean muscle growth and fat loss so you can maintain and/or enhance your overall body composition.

FLEXIBILITY - Flexibility refers to how much range of motion your joints can achieve. Good flexibility improves posture, alignment and also prevents injuries throughout all life stages. To improve joint and muscle flexibility, you must perform exercises that focus on lengthening the muscles. This is one of the main principles of Lagree fitness.

So...what's the verdict?

Lagree is a revolutionary fitness method designed with all fitness levels in mind to give you not only a great workout, but the workout your body wants and needs throughout many stages of life. The Megaformer is calling your name...Are you ready for it?

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