September 22, 2022

Lagree 101: Why Is It Important To Ease Into An Exercise Program?

More people are evaluating their lifestyles to enhance health and fitness. If you look forward to starting a new exercise regime, that's a good move! Regardless of the workout, you are exploring in your personal fitness journey, there are varying emotional, mental, and physical benefits to gain, and new experiences to enjoy. Still...

Don't Push Yourself to Your Body's Limits (At the Beginning)

It's exciting to start something new. However, don't let the feeling make you rush into intensive exercises at the beginning. Be kind to your body and remember that effective fitness training is about choosing the proper exercise and doing it right to avoid risking an injury. No one was born a fitness guru: it takes months or years of preparation based on your zeal and discipline to achieve your goals. So, why is it important to ease into an exercise program?

Why Is It Important to Ease Into An Exercise Program?

There is more than one reason to ease into a fitness routine below:

  • You are recovering from an injury.
  • You are resuming exercise after taking a break due to work commitments, a new baby, studies, and any other crucial life event.
  • You are new to exercising.
  • You are trying to lose weight or make changes to your body.

In any of the above circumstances, the following could lead to injury:

  • Settling for challenging exercises and doing them slowly.
  • Performing the exercises for too long or too fast.

Injuries result from depleting your muscles after intense workouts. Injuries are painful and can hinder performance in your daily activities. You may have to miss some gym sessions, which interferes with your exercise progress regarding weight, muscle build-up, or fitness level. It's also important to learn from an expert how to correctly perform your exercises: a wrong position or form can lead to injuries. 

Ways to Ease Into Lagree Fitness

Lagree fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that blends cardio, endurance, strength, and flexibility. It is a full-body conditioning method developed by Sebastian Lagree that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It's perfect for everyone of any fitness level and body type. Below are ways to ease into Lagree Fitness:

Lagree Recommends 2 - 3 Classes per Week to Allow Your Body to Properly Recover and Repair – You Will Be Sore at the Beginning!

In Lagree, committing to two to three weekly classes increases your performance in anything you set your mind to. This is from usual daily activities to fitness classes. Most importantly, it gives your body room to rejuvenate for the rest of the week and foster proper recovery. It's normal to experience soreness as the body adjusts to the full-body workout. After your first class, the soreness starts at the core, then moves to the upper and lower body. But feel empowered, and don't forget to book your next Megaformer class! 

Think About Your Reasons for Starting Lagree

Why are you working out? Is it about adopting a healthier lifestyle, or do you want to shed some kilos? While you're pumped up now and feel you have energy fit for two, it's not odd to run low on your motivation levels after a while. Establishing your reasons for exercising can be a source of motivation during such moments. It keeps you on track, particularly when things get a little complex in new stages.

 Assess Your Fitness Level

Back from a long exercise break? Or maybe exercise is a whole new world to you. Either way, evaluating your current fitness level is a great idea. Once you know your physical fitness level, it's easier to establish ideal exercises and your fitness goals. It also helps your measure your progress and success during the fitness journey. The measuring variables include flexibility, weight-lifting ability, body composition, and resting heart rate. 

 Create a Lagree Plan That Works for You 

There are two options: you and your fitness expert can have a sit down to create a workout plan, or you can still do it by yourself. The plan should incorporate basic workouts that challenge your body but cannot cause injuries. A good plan is effective and sustainable in the long run. Pay attention to your fitness goals to adapt exercises that take you closer to attainment. Another is your schedule, which will determine the best workout time that doesn't compromise your routine and activities. There is no rule to working out in the morning or evening; if the afternoon is great for you, so be it!

Remember to major on low-impact movements at the start if you were on an exercise break. Consider water aerobics or no-jumping cardio exercise as they're easy on the body. As you outline your plan, it's highly advisable to contemplate your preferences. Your plan should consist of exercises you enjoy to push you to hit the gym even when you don't feel it. 

 Stay Hydrated

If you're new to exercise, your body isn't used to the activity. Every time you work out, you shake and sweat and lose plenty of water. Keep up with the recommended 3 liters of water daily at the least. Anything more is very welcome. It's best to take a liter of water per hour during the exercise. Staying hydrated is good for a few reasons. It replenishes the fluid lost in the form of sweat and prevents dehydration-related issues like pain.

 Warm Up and Cool Down

It is an effective way of avoiding an exercise injury. Typically, you warm up before the session and cool down afterward. It loosens your joints and enhances muscle blood flow to prevent injuries. In turn, it reduces the likelihood of tearing or twisting muscles during the workout. Warm up by walking for several minutes or stretching your body parts. Cooling down is the process of bringing your heart rate back to normal. It includes jogging slowly, walking, and stretching slowly. 

 Listen to Your Body

The body is always speaking: are you listening? Your body can tell you if the workout routine is working through gradual toning for strength training exercises. On the other hand, it will slim down if you target weight loss. Your body can complain about a workout through feelings of weariness, pain, or discomfort. This means the exercise is inappropriate or too intense, and stopping immediately is probably best. 

(If Needed) Consult Us for an Expert Advice

The good news is the Lagree Method is for all types of individuals, and modifications can be made depending on everyone’s individual needs. However, it’s recommended to consult a doctor or Lagree expert if you're recovering from an injury. Lastly, anyone with a health condition should consult an expert before commencing any exercise program. They will advise you on how to exercise without jeopardizing your health while offering tips for an all-rounded lifestyle. 

How to Start With Lagree

  • Lagree is an excellent fitness option. But just like any exercise, you should start small. Start with simple basic movements and never jump into intricate Lagree exercises meant for pros. It's essential to focus on your fitness first to let your body and mind get used to working out before moving on to challenging exercises. 
  • Learn the Megaformer gradually. It’s a large and at-first intimidating machine, let your instructor guide you!
  • Move up the ladder only when you feel ready. Lagree classes can be tailored to meet your level of fitness. You can expect trainers to place you into a move and modify it to a beginner or intermediate level based on your experience and comfort.


Lagree is an effective fitness training for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. It can be tailored to meet your comfort and let you ease into your program. Unlike other options, it hits multiple muscle groups at once, perfect for giving your body a dedicated workout. Want to get started on Lagree? Sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class here today!