March 23, 2022

The Beginners Guide to Lagree Fitness

Taking a new workout class for the first time can be an intimidating thing, especially when you see rows of giant, metal machines (aka the Megaformer). We’re here to tell you to be excited, and not nervous! Let’s dive into the beginner’s guide to Lagree fitness below and learn the magic behind this amazing method.

First off: What is Lagree Fitness?

The Lagree Fitness method was developed by Sebastien Lagree after he drew inspiration from Pilates. But, unlike Pilates, Lagree happens to be the only workout routine that can effectively balance low-impact movements with high-intensity exercise.

In 1998, Sebastien saw the potential but also the drawbacks of pilates. So, he decided to create the ‘perfect’ fitness method that could deliver promising results, quickly and with minimal risks of injury.

He utilized several exercise principles aligned with bodybuilding techniques. And, that’s how the Lagree Method came to be. Time and again, it has been named as the number one workout routine.

How Is Lagree Different From Pilates?

This pilates-inspired fitness routine may share some similarities with the reformer (the famous pilates machine), but its capabilities are far more reaching. It’s based on the Megaformer; a machine carefully designed by Sebastien and is hugely different from its predecessor the reformer.

For one thing, Sebastian recognized the various tension features of the reformer. He understood the innate ability of this variable tension to make almost all movements low-impact. But, that’s just one aspect of the Megaformer. Like all other Lagree equipment, the Lagree Method will continue to be fundamentally different from Pilates across the board.

Since its inception, Lagree has set itself apart from all other exercises. The #1 winning highlight of this fitness method is how beautifully it combines both low-impact movements and high-density bodybuilding workouts (two of the things that Pilates lack). Lagree brought together a holy union in the form of the Megaformer. It allows clients to achieve quick results that become apparent within a few classes.

What is the Megaformer?

The Megaformer is the machine on which you perform the Lagree exercises. Currently, the machine holds around 74 patents. This unique Lagree training machine is designed to meet the needs of all age groups, body types, and fitness levels.

The Megaformer is traditionally used in a class setting which means it comes with heavy usage. It offers myriad features and technologies that support quick, fast-paced workouts. The Megaformer comes in multiple models; each one with a uniquely designed carriage, handlebar, and platform.

It also comes with customized equipment which allows the user to mix and match different elements of the workout; something that supports their unique fitness vision. The Megaformer comes with several components which allow for incredible customization and also support a full-body workout.

Let's now take a look at the various common components that a typical Megaformer supports.

The Megaformer Platforms

This is the part of the Megaformer on which you kneel, sit, and stand. Once you move up the training class and towards more advanced models, you’ll see the platform become more intricate in terms of foot and hand placement options. The M3E and M3X models are ideal for workouts like ‘Walking Plank.’

The Megaformer Carriage

It’s the moving platform that sits in the middle that you can roll back and forth. As you move to a more sophisticated and advanced model, you get more options for hand and foot placement. This is essential for accommodating varying intensities of different workouts. It also creates a bigger room for making quick transitions between two exercises.

The Megaformer Handlebars

You’ll find handlebars at the back and front of the Megaformer. You can often adjust them (rotate and pivot) based on the model. With static handlebars, you’ll see a standard triangular shape or a round diameter for increased ergonomic comfort.

The Megaformer Springs

This Lagree equipment uses springs for adjusting resistance. The M3S series comes with adjustable springs at the back.

The Megaformer Ramp

The ramp sits underneath the machine to allow for backward inclination. The idea behind this ramp is to add to the intensity whilst shortening the workout. However, the ramp should only be used with M3S and above models since those models are specifically designed for adjusting the ramp. Installing the ramp is easy and you can operate it with remote control.

The Megaformer Body Kit

The idea behind body panels is to protect the machine. You can find them in traditional white or black color. You can also find them without or with lights. The lights add to a more ambient effect with alternating colors.

How Can I Prepare for My First Lagree Fitness Class?

To prepare for your very first class with us, follow these tips:

  • If it’s your first time, try to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier in the studio. In this way, you can get the necessary instructions on how to use the Megaformer and what precautions to follow. Arriving late will put you at a disadvantage as the instructors might not have enough time to go over key aspects of the machine and for that, you may not be able to attend the session.
  • Wear athletic, comfortable clothes
  • Bring sticky stocks. They are necessary for sanitary and safety reasons. You can also purchase them at the studio for ten to fifteen dollars.
  • Make sure to sign the waiver. You can sign it electronically.
  • Bring a pre-filled water bottle
  • Bring a towel if you use one during workouts.

What Should I Do During the Lagree Class?

The entire Lagree Fitness class uses the Megaformer machine. Each class offers a full-body workout targeting your abs, upper body, and lower body. During the class, your coach would guide you through different exercises. Listen carefully and ask any questions that you might have. The coaches will help you and correct your form whenever necessary. In the end, remember to go slow but steady and have lots of fun!

The After-class Health Benefits of Lagree

You can expect the following after-class benefits from a Lagree workout:

  • Better flexibility, postural alignment, balance, and coordination.
  • Lean muscle mass. Better body composition.
  • Better mood, less stress, improved self-esteem and body image
  • Increased cardiovascular strength and muscular stamina
  • Better bone mineral concentration and prevention of muscle deficiency caused by aging.
  • Weight loss and higher metabolic rate

It’s normal to experience a bit of pain and soreness during the first few classes. But, that’s completely normal. Over time, your body will get accustomed to it.

How Do I Sign Up For My First Lagree Fit 415 Class?

To sign up for your first class, you can go to and select the package of your preference. We'll see you in the studio!