April 29, 2024

How Does Exercise Improve Mood?

It’s no mystery that people who exercise regularly and maintain an active lifestyle generally tend to be happier, more positive, and upbeat. But, how does exercise help to elevate mood? In this article, we’ll discuss just that.

The Positive Link Between Exercise and Mood

Although the exact nature of the relationship between better mood and exercise is debated and questioned, there are a few things we know for sure. A positive link is drawn for a combination of theses following reasons:

  • Science tells us that exercise helps fight anxiety and depression. That’s because exercise releases endorphins. These are the 'happiness hormones' that make you feel elevated, inspired, and great about day-to-day life.
  • Exercise releases serotonin - a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, appetite, and mood. In fact, exercise is good for your brain health. Poor, inadequate sleep is linked with agitation, mood disorders, and myriad other mental/physical health issues. By regulating your sleep pattern by exerting yourself with exercise during the day, you remain calmer and happier.
  • Exercise gets you in a routine and human biology LOVES routine. When you eat at the right time, sleep at the right time, and exercise at the right time, it’s good for your brain and body. 
  • After each workout session, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It makes you feel capable, confident, and more in control. That means you’re far less likely to feel sad, depressed, or unhappy.
  • Exercise strengthens your immune system which makes your body adapt better to stress.

Other Exercise Benefits That Increase Overall Happiness

Distracts Your Mind From Everyday Stresses: Unnecessarily thinking about your everyday stresses and problems, and not doing anything about it, makes you feel less in control and less happy. It also causes anxiety. But, when you exercise, you use that energy towards bettering your health. When you exercise, you’re no longer thinking about the worries of life, and by distracting your mind, you can experience elevated happiness during and after the workout.

For Getting Vitamin D: Going outside in the sunshine gets you vitamin D which is not only healthy for your bones but mental health as well. Studies tell us that Vitamin D protects us from myriad conditions including cancer, heart attacks, osteoporosis, and even depression. So enjoy your walk to Lagree Fit 415! That being said, make sure to wear sunscreen on those super hot summer days because increased sun exposure can eventually be damaging.

Reduces Your Screen Time: By remaining indoors and having a sedentary lifestyle, you’re limited on things to do. It’s natural to feel tempted to mindlessly scroll on your smartphone or watch TV all day. But, when you hit the gym or go outside for a run/walk, it immediately reduces your daily screen time. You could try cycling, walking, pilates, or other fitness routines. The end goal is to reduce screen time by limiting the time you spend in front of a computer, TV, or mobile phone. This is especially true for children who tend to watch TV for excessive amounts of time. Getting them to spend time outside is one of the best things you can do for their physical and mental health.

Gives You a Chance for Social Interaction: Socially active people are generally happier about life. Whether you go to a park or like to work indoors in a gym, you get a chance to meet new people. Exchanging a friendly hello or a smile makes you feel a human connection. And, we know that humans thrive on social connections.

The Mind-Body Connection: Studies tell us that people who exercise at least twice a week feel less stressed, depressed, and angry compared to those who don’t exercise at all. Recent research even says that over the years, it could even slow down cognitive decline and onset of Dementia. Other than triggering feel-good chemicals, exercise also increases blood flow towards the brain. As a result, your mind-body connection improves; you enjoy better cellular function, improved concentration, regular sleep patterns, and a better mood.

How Lagree Fitness Can Help Your Mental Health

The Lagree fitness method gives you a full-body workout. It targets different muscle groups and increases your blood circulation. What’s more, getting stronger can help improve confidence and self-esteem. People with higher self-esteem can better manage stress, and avoid behaviors like binge-watching or compulsive eating. 

When you feel great about your behavior, it impacts your body composition as well. Body composition is the relative amount of fat, muscle, bone, and other vital events that make-up your body. Lagree has been proven to help weight loss while ensuring lean muscle growth. This helps with maintaining an ideal body composition.

Also, when you participate in a fitness routine, you lead a more structured and grounded lifestyle. When you look after yourself, you tend to eat better as well which can affect mental state positively.

How Lagree Fitness Can Help Your Mental Health

Find a Fitness Method You Enjoy: Finding the right kind of physical exercise is winning half the battle. Fortunately, Lagree fitness is a highly enjoyable form of workout! What’s more, people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy it. It doesn’t put excess strain yet gives you a wholesome workout, and is challenging enough to help you push yourself.

Set Reasonable Fitness Goals: The easiest way to set yourself up for failure is by setting unreasonably high goals. When you start working out, people can tend to push it too hard. Start small. Start with two or three days a week. And, once you get comfortable, gradually increase the frequency and intensity of the workout. Look at what you can realistically accomplish and accordingly tailor a plan.

Don’t Look at Exercise as a Chore: Don’t make exercises another one of ‘shoulds’ in your life that you don't want to do. You should feel like exercising! Instead of thinking of it as a ‘chore’, think of it as self-care; as a form of therapy. For many, it’s like meditation that puts them in high spirits.

Exercise Can Be Hard, and That’s Okay: The most important thing when it comes to physical fitness and achieving health goals is: just getting started! Once you take that first step in the right direction, the rest will come naturally. It’s okay to have days where you don’t feel like exercising. That doesn’t mean you have to quit it altogether. It’s crucial to take things with ease and flow rather than being too harsh or strict with yourself.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a wholesome workout that’s both doable, enjoyable, and also promise amazing results, then you will love Lagree. Are you a first timer? Sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class!