April 29, 2024

Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss? Yes, But Lagree Is Better!

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that is extremely popular around the world. Pilates is well-known for its ways to increase lean muscle mass, improve posture, and improve total muscle tone. Pilates is beneficial to one's physical wellbeing and aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Pilates may not be as effective as other intense cardio workouts like swimming or running, or even strength training when it comes to shedding weight. Pilates was designed to improve core strength and strengthen mind-muscle connections by using unique movements. That being said, the number of calories burned in a Pilates class may not be as comparable to those burned in a more strenuous workout.

In the fitness industry, Pilates will always have a significant presence. The workout may be done at any age because of its low-impact nature, which means there is minimal risk of injury and no direct stress on your joints. If losing weight is your primary objective, we recommend combining your pilates-style workout with another kind of exercise and a nutritious diet. Strength training or aerobic exercises like cycling, jogging, walking, and swimming could be combined with it!

Okay, What Does the Research Say?

When it comes to Pilates for weight loss, the verdict is still out. The feedback has been mixed. In 2017, however, 37 obese women between the ages of 30 and 50 took part in a study. Researchers discovered that consistent Pilates was beneficial for:

The lean body mass, on the other hand, was unaltered. Body fat is deducted from overall weight to determine lean body mass.

Lagree vs Pilates: Which One Is Better?

After 15 years of intense research, Sebastian Lagree developed the Lagree Fitness Method, a low-impact exercise system.

Lagree was a former Pilates instructor who discovered that most of his clients wanted a more thorough and harder workout to go along with their Pilates sessions. Pilates alone was not providing them with all the results they desired.

Lagree combined this new logic with all of Pilates workouts that provided flexibility, muscular strength, and core stability, and created a high-intensity, low-impact, and dynamic workout.

He understood that in order to make it work, he'd have to design a new type of machine to accommodate the new format. That's how the Megaformer (the machine) and the Lagree Method came into being.

What Are the Reasons Lagree Is Good for Weight Loss?

Lagree is a high-intensity workout, which is one of the key reasons why it is so beneficial for weight loss. When done correctly (like with any other form of exercise), the Lagree approach can yield fantastic results. It raises the heart rate in a manner that Pilates does not. Lagree provides a more comprehensive, total workout by incorporating all muscle groups rather than focusing on a single muscle group. As a result, the Lagree Method is a full-body workout.

The Science Behind the Lagree Method

During most types of exercise, the body activates an emergency response. This response forces your body to consume glycogen, which gives you the energy needed to power through. After a period of time, when the body senses it is no longer in a fight-or-flight situation, it will begin to convert fat into energy.

Until recently, most health professionals believed that the 'fat burning' phase was the best time to lose weight and improve one's health. However, new evidence indicates that the contrary is true. When the body is struggling for survival in the fight-or-flight reaction, that's when you can genuinely modify your body's metabolism for the better. Because muscle oxidation hasn't started yet, the majority of gains occur during this time.

Excessively intense workouts might cause more muscle damage than the body can recover in a reasonable amount of time. This is one of the reasons why the majority of muscle loss occurs in the second half-hour of exercise. If a workout is too intense, it can cause persistent muscle tiredness and other health problems.

This isn't to say that prolonged forms of exercise aren't beneficial. Proper training (in all aspects of fitness) is the result of having the right knowledge. To teach the Lagree method, you must first complete an in-depth, thorough training curriculum. This ensures that every Lagree class you take will be taught by a professional.

Some Other Things You Can Expect From A Lagree Class

Aside from weight loss and overall health, the Lagree Method can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Improved muscle strength and endurance
  • Greater flexibility
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance improvement
  • Improved joints and skeletal system
  • Improved posture
  • Simultaneously working on a variety of muscle groups
  • Healthy body composition
  • Increased energy and a quicker metabolism
  • Improved lower back muscles
  • Improved core strength

The Fact Is: Most Pilates Goers Love Lagree More

Lagree is a multi-faceted, highly dynamic workout. It's a well-rounded method that combines the benefits of cardio, strength, and resistance training to tone, tighten, and strengthen the complete body while emphasizing the necessity of perfect alignment and posture above all else.

Adjustments to the Megaformer's tension can be made using springs. Because of its versatility, it is suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages.

Are you a Lagree fitness enthusiast? Or is this your first time? Get started with your first workout!