February 21, 2022

8 Health Benefits of a Full-Body Workout: Lagree Fitness

Let's start with: what is the Lagree Method?

The Lagree Fitness training method was created by Sebastian Lagree. The method uses both exclusive technology and one-of-a-kind KILLER moves that combines aspects from all areas of fitness. Lagree Fitness is a scientific, technical approach to physical fitness, different than the “old school” mentality of lifting weights and running long miles.

There are 5 basic elements to physical fitness - endurance, strength, cardio, flexibility, and body composition. Although many workout regimens try to incorporate all these 5 elements; Lagree is one of the only fitness methods that can give you everything. Trust us - you’ll be able to feel the effect from the very first class.

Lagree vs. Pilates

The Lagree method might be pilates-inspired, but it is fundamentally different from pilates. Let’s look at those differences in detail:

The Megaformer: The Lagree Machine

The Megaformer is the single biggest difference between Pilates and the Lagree. Most people walk into their first class thinking that they will be working out on something similar to the traditional reformer machine…and this is what they see:

*Cue the music* While the Megaformer has similar handlebars, long straps, tension, and mobile carriage; it comes with a lighter and wider carriage. There are shorter handles, adjustable handlebars, and eyelets for leg, arm, back, and core exercises. And, oh yes, it is smooooooooth to do moves on. All these small but important differences were created to support more versatile movements and incorporate more exercises.

The Pace of a Lagree Class

Lagree is big on maintaining slow yet controlled movements to work on multiple groups of muscles all at once. Contrary to this, Pilates is more about quicker movements. By engaging several muscles in a short time frame, you’re able to burn energy for longer and more sustainable periods of time. It’s like your body continues to work out even after the class is over.

The Transitions Between Moves

In Pilates, you take a short break between each exercise set. In Lagree, however, you power through various exercises but those movements are slow to provide for a smoother transition into one another. There's a big focus on muscle control in Lagree which allows the muscles to work harder. It also gives you a shorter workout time.

The Stability + Core Activation

Lagree follows specific exercises that target your core muscles for improved balance. These slow movements for core strength are helpful for long-term health and, of course, really nice-looking abs!

The Muscle Focus with Lagree Fitness

With Pilates, you can only target one muscle group at a time. But, with Lagree Fitness, you can target several muscle groups simultaneously. So, you could be engaging in leg work as well as targeting arms and core all at once. WHEW.

8 Health Benefits of Lagree Fitness

Without further ado, let's jump into 8 awesome health benefits of Lagree Fitness:

Improved Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Circuit training is another thing about the Lagree method that makes it different from Pilates. With Pilates, you transition from one movement to another with minimal rest in between. The idea is to keep the heart rate up which makes for a very cardiovascular workout.

Pilates is not supposed to offer cardio so the heart rate of the participants remains under 90 BPM. With the Lagree, however, you can hit a heart rate of 150 BPM, and burn baby burn.

Increased Muscular Strength

Muscle strength refers to how much force your muscles can exert during an activity. This is where resistance in the form of gravity, springs, and weights come in. Lagree allows you to work in a counter-persistence fashion to better your muscle strength.

Increased Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is how well your muscles can continue performing without experiencing fatigue. The irony is, you must work to the point of fatiguing your muscles to develop muscle endurance. Lagree fitness incorporates several exercises to train the muscles to simulate intensity for better muscular endurance.

Lean Muscle Growth + Fat Loss

The Lagree-count which consists of around the 8-second mark leaves no room for users to maintain momentum while transitioning through different exercises. Instead, the participants are forced to work in muscle groups in a controlled fashion. 

This demands a more intense metabolic workout. Because of the extended tension that muscles are placed under, it produces quicker results in terms of fat loss and lean muscle development.

Improved Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the range of motion that your joints can achieve. Good flexibility is essential not only for minimizing injuries regardless of your age but also for better alignment and posture. Exercises that lengthen the muscles improve flexibility and Lagree happens to incorporate several of those exercises.

Better Core Strength

The core strength refers to the body’s ability to maintain/hold a posture during movement. To work on core strength you have to engage the diaphragm, lower back, pelvis muscles, and abdominals. 

Your body’s center is the torso. So, the more you train in this area; the better alignment and posture you can enjoy all the while preventing injuries. Lagree uses core stabilizing exercises heavily focused on this area so you maintain good form through all moves. And the SHAKE is oh so good.

Improved Balance

Balance is your body’s ability to maintain itself with minimal sway. Balance is crucial for maintaining good posture. If you don’t have balance, you would simply fall to the ground. As we age, training for balance becomes more important than ever. This is one part you must never overlook and Lagree makes sure of that.

Great for Mental Health

A growing amount of research is coming to support the never-ending benefits of a positive mindset and healthy outlook on life and how it affects the body. You know what they - 'the heaviest thing to lift is the weight of a negative mindset.’ But, there's more to mental health than just positive thinking. It has a lot to do with your self-esteem as well.

How you think of yourself impacts all aspects of your life. When you have high self-esteem, you can manage stress better, you can handle responsibilities seamlessly, and also avoid engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Lagree is a tried and tested tool in elevating your self-esteem by improving your fitness levels.

Get the Best of Full-Body Workout With Lagree Fitness

Lagree is practically the only workout and fitness routine that leaves no aspect of health and fitness. So, if you’re contemplating signing up for Lagree classes, now is the time.

If you are a first timer, get your first class here or download our app for iOS (iPhone) or Android. See you on the Megaformer!