July 16, 2024

Yes, It’s True. Celebrities Love Lagree Fitness!

And yes, we are name-dropping (just a bit)! But there’s a reason so many celebrities love this workout. Read to find out more about why this workout continues to grow and be such a hot fitness trend.

So What Is Lagree Fitness?

Lagree Fitness was founded in 1988, and combines the intensity of a high-impact fitness class with low-impact exercises. The workout is done on a machine called a Megaformer. Many of the movements on the Megaformer are familiar—lunges, squats, planks, and so on. But you may hear some new terms in class, like Bear, Scrambled Eggs, or French Twist!

All movements in class are designed to be done slowly in order to concentrate on "time under tension," which targets your slow-twitch muscle fibers. In this low-impact workout, you'll focus on building muscle while keeping your joints safe and see amazing results as your progress. 

More About the Megaformer

On each end of the Megaformer, there are two stable platforms. A 'gliding carriage' in the center allows for back and forth movement. Because the tension is spring-based, you can tailor the workout to your fitness level. The machine has handlebars near the front of the platform that is used for balance and several exercises. 

The Megaformer exercises incorporate cardio, strength training, and all of the most challenging aspects of Pilates. Megaformer is a highly effective machine that combines dynamic workout practices, resistance training, and slow movements. Get ready for an (unusually) intense and low-impact workout!

What Celebrities Love Lagree Fitness?

Let's see which stars swear by Lagree Fitness!

Kim Kardashian

There's a reason celebrities like Kim Kardashian enjoy this Pilates-inspired workout. Within the first few sessions, results can be seen (and felt): obliques become more visible, glutes are lifted, and abs are flattened.

Kardashian is frequently spotted working out at studios near her Los Angeles home.

Sofia Vergara 

The Megaformer is a hugely popular machine. Sofia Vergara, the actress and comedian, also owns one in her home and routinely does Lagree workouts!

And for a good reason. Lagree is the only workout that combines balance, flexibility, strength, cardio, core, and endurance into a single workout.

Jennifer Aniston

Lagree founder himself stated this in an exclusive interview with US Weekly: “Someone like Jennifer Aniston or Courteney Cox or Nicole Kidman, these are women who love to work out. You don’t have to convince them. You don’t have to drag them to come in.”

It’s true, the beloved Jennifer Aniston also happens to be a Lagree lover. Because, after all, Lagree equals fast results and a stronger self.

Meghan Markle

When a workout receives the royal seal of approval, it is officially amazing, right?! Speaking of royalty, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, enjoys this workout routine as well.

The Duchess has frequently boasted about this awesome, full-body workout that resembles the Pilates Reformer, only better. Meghan has been quoted saying, “Your body changes immediately.”

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of boho chic, and we all adore her. We also have to give Lagree some credit for her amazing physique. The actress isn't afraid to post workout selfies on Instagram. 

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, has been all about Lagree for a few years now. And why? Because it burns so good and is truly the “Pilates on steroids”!

More Reasons Why People Love Lagree Fitness

Lagree is the only workout routine that packs a powerful punch while being gentle on your body. Here are some of the reasons why you should give it a shot:

Suitable for All Age Groups

Lagree makes no distinction between people in their 20s and those in their 60s. You'll enjoy this method regardless of your fitness level, age, or gender.

Lagree Is a High-Intensity, Low-Impact Workout

It will 100% get your heart pumping. It will have you huffing and puffing without causing any harm to your spine, joints, or connective tissue. It's the only workout that's both high-intensity and low-impact.

Form Is Important

There is a strong emphasis on maintaining proper form, posture, and alignment throughout all movements. That is, you will only receive targeted gains in all of the desired areas.

Core Muscles Worked

Your core muscles are the foundation of your posture and overall health. And Lagree incorporates several of those exercises. You can expect a good workout for your abdomen, torso, back, arms, legs, and booty!

So Are You Ready to Try Lagree Fit 415?

If you are based in San Francisco, sign-up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class. We’ll see you in the studio!