January 24, 2022

How to Build a Better, Stronger Booty by Lagree Fit 415

“Alexa, play BOOTYLICIOUS by Beyonce”

This post is for all of you out there who are wondering how to build a better and, mostly, STRONGER booty.

Studies have shown that growing a booty is one of the main goals of women when it comes to fitness. While focusing only on this area alone won’t give the best results since training the body as a whole interdependent system is necessary, there are great ways to place focus on making this goal a reality.

The Megaformer provides a full body workout which targets all muscle groups through slow + controlled tempos taught by highly qualified trainers. What you’ll notice in each class is that the time spent on working your lower body is more significant than other areas. Why?

Your gluteus maximus AKA Booty is the largest muscle in the body.  Larger muscle groups take more time to properly activate which means they require additional time spent to really promote change and growth within the muscle. Let’s take a quick dive in to see how Lagree can work the booty more effectively than other methods of training:


The tempo of the workout is slow and controlled which activates your slow-twitch muscle fibers. The biggest issue people struggle with when it comes to increasing glute strength is making sure the muscle is activated. Going right into a set of squats or deadlifts will surely result in you feeling the burn, BUT, are you getting a full contraction in the right places? Our bodies have the ability to follow instructions directly on how we give them. For example: If we send the signal to our brain that we are performing a squat, our body’s response will be to perform the exercise. Where it gets tricky is that our body will perform the task given to it whether it is right/wrong, effective/ineffective. This could result in performing exercises that over time give little to no results due to the lack of preparation for the muscle group you’re working.

The slow + controlled tempo on the Megaformer gives the muscle time to contract and go through the exercises with full engagement to enhance the movement and maximize results. Once you’ve done a 4-count slow squat, your life will forever be changed.


HOLY STATIC ISO HOLDS! Most workouts don’t take the time to focus on the power of holds - until now. Lagree places a major emphasis on isometric holds during the workout. This means that for a certain length of time the muscle is holding in a contracted state with no movement. While this may seem like the perfect break time in the workout, it may turn out to be one of the most challenging moments in the class altogether! These holds are so important for developing strength as the goal is to ensure you have total strength within the muscle group for a well-rounded result. If you can perform the flexion and extension of a squat but can’t hold one, that’s similar to a car being able to run but can’t break when needed. Your goal is to make sure your entire system is working together through movement and holds for the best results.

Depending on your trainer, you can expect to be in isometric holds in class between 15-45 seconds during intervals. Get ready for your heart rate to skyrocket and your glutes to shake!


The variety of lower body exercises are there to offer your booty all that it needs to get stronger! Exercises like Elevator lunge, Express lunge, Super lunge, Mega Donkey, Skater, Squats, Runners lunge, Spider kicks and bungee are examples of lower body exercises you’ll find in your next Lagree class. There are so many more exercises you’ll explore in classes but each of these places a focus on the lower body as a whole. We’ve been talking about growing a booty but as we briefly mentioned before, getting stronger glutes cannot happen with weak hamstrings, inner thighs, ankles, calves, etc. Training your glutes and the surrounding muscle groups is key to getting the best results and the Megaformer does an incredible job at giving you options to make this happen.

Let’s take a quick up-close look at a few of these exercises:

Donkey Kick

A donkey kick is performed on the Megaformer by placing your hands under your shoulder and lifting your kicking leg on the curved C-bar on the front of the machine with 1 red + 1-3 yellow springs depending on the client. With your hips and shoulders in alignment and spine in a neutral position, you’ll begin kicking out and in for a 4 count tempo (8 count total for the complete rep). Your trainer will then guide you through a series of holds and pulses to amplify the movement once you begin to fatigue. Not only will you feel your center + outer glute and hamstrings in the kicking leg of this exercise, but you’ll really feel the burn in your opposite leg that is performing the isometric hold. Talk about a BOOTY BURN.

Elevator Lunge

The elevator lunge is another great exercise for the glutes + hamstrings but also for targeting the inner thighs. This exercise takes place on the front of the machine with a yellow spring and is completed using the signature Lagree count. Be prepared for your trainer to throw in various holds and pulses to amplify along with making adjustments to footing to target certain areas more intensely. Trust us - the yellow spring will start to feel incredibly challenging after only a few reps!

Katie Lyons, Founder of Lagree Fit 415, demonstrates the Elevator Lunge.

Skater Kick

The skater kick is a heavy single leg squat hold with a kick that takes place on the front of the machine with 1 red + 1-3 yellow springs depending on the client. While transferring your weight onto the static hold working leg placed on the front platform, you’ll begin kicking out and in with your opposite leg at the signature tempo. This exercise is another great example of an ISO hold that contracts your glutes and hamstrings from start to finish. This will definitely change your current feelings towards “skating” - the burn is INSANE.

So, what did we learn?

  1. Lagree’s use of slow tempo results in more activation of the glutes.
  2. Lagree’s use of ISO holds results in more contraction of the glutes.
  3. The exercises on the Megaformer are designed to target the lower body as a whole, resulting in proportioned results.
  4. The exercises are achievable, but also hard AF.

Building a stronger booty won’t be easy and we have to learn to appreciate the journey in getting us there. Remember; it’s a marathon - not a sprint.

We encourage you to try it out for yourself! If you are a first timer, get your first class here or download our app for iOS (iPhone) or Android. See you on the Megaformer!