July 16, 2024

Lagree at Home vs. Studio: Can You Get the Same Results?

By Danielle Rosario

In March 2020, life came to a halt when Covid-19 hit us hard. And while it still exists, we pretty much live in a post-pandemic world. “Normal” life has resumed. Being in quarantine seems like a faraway time. 

As soon as gyms and fitness studios re-opened, people were scrambling—grasping for any sense of resemblance to their life before being hit by a pandemic. While many people prefer the hustle and bustle of a packed gym or the social aspect of a group fitness class, others found a groove with the convenience of working out in the comfort of their own homes. 

But for most people, at-home workouts mean limited equipment at your disposal. You might wonder, “Can I even do Lagree at home?” or “Can I do Laree with no equipment?” Thanks to the Microformer, Lagree at home is possible. But do you get the same results as you would on the Megaformer in the studio?

We’ll give you the full scoop on Lagree at home—from Lagree on demand to the benefits of the Microformer. 

The Allure of Lagree: What Makes It a Game-Changer?

Just as the pandemic first took the world by storm, Lagree has taken the fitness world by storm with its unique approach. Its high-intensity, low-impact workouts make it unlike any other workout method.  

Lagree is renowned for its comprehensive full-body workout. Combining strength training, cardio, muscular endurance, and flexibility exercises—all while using specialized equipment like the Megaformer or Microformer—Lagree always delivers when it comes to getting the ultimate workout. 

The results speak for themselves—lean muscle growth, increased core strength, improved cardiovascular health, and so much more. Lagree’s distinct approach to strength training involves slow, controlled movements, differentiating it from other high-intensity workouts. 

Home Sweet (Workout) Home: The Rise of At-Home Lagree Workouts

The trend of working out at home has gained momentum in recent years. Besides a global pandemic, advances in fitness technology have also accelerated this shift. The biggest advantage of working out at home is the pure convenience of it. How do you do Lagree at home? Get yourself a Microformer!

Lagree is continuously evolving, and that includes its machines. The Microformer makes it possible for Lagree lovers to enjoy the benefits of Lagree without having to leave their homes. The Lagree Microformer is easy to use, transport, and store—making it a great option for outdoor or rooftop classes. 

The Microformer is a compact version of the Megaformer, designed for the Lagree at-home experience. It’s smaller in size and more affordable. This is why it’s such an attractive option for Lagree enthusiasts. A couple of my favorite advantages of doing Lagree at home are convenience and flexibility. If you’re a night owl, you have the freedom of doing Lagree at 3 AM if that’s what floats your boat. The Microformer provides a satisfying Lagree workout for those who prioritize flexibility and convenience. 

How the Megaformer Elevates the Lagree Experience

While the Microformer provides a solid Lagree workout, there’s no arguing that the Megaformer takes your workout to another level. When you do Lagree on the Megaformer in a studio, you get the benefits of a unique atmosphere, professional coaching, amazing music playlists, and an all-around immersive workout experience.

The Megaformer's extended platform and additional features allow for more versatile exercises. In terms of resistance training, the Mega offers a broader spectrum of tension with twice as many springs. In reality, the comprehensive and challenging workout you get in the studio on the Megaformer is hard to replicate at home.

Lagree on Demand vs. at Lagree Fit 415

If you’re doing Lagree at home using a Microformer, you opt for Lagree on demand. But how does that compare to studio classes like Lagree Fit 415?

Lagree on demand provides the convenience of on-demand workouts accessible from home. This allows you to work out whenever works best for you. But honestly, the studio experience and benefits far exceed those of Lagree on demand at home. 

Sure, transportation may be required for the Lagree Fit 415 experience. But once you get yourself in the studio, not only have you literally transported yourself, but figuratively, you’re transported to another space—a space designed specifically so you can be one hundred percent focused on your Lagree experience.

Here’s what you’ll get at Lagree Fit 415:

  • Community—Being part of a studio community fosters motivation and a sense of belonging. The camaraderie among your fellow Lagree classmates can push you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Certified trainers—Studio classes are led by experienced Lagree-certified trainers who provide personalized guidance, correct your form, and ensure you get the most out of every workout. 
  • Enhanced equipment—Studios typically offer top-of-the-line Megaformers, optimizing your workout compared to the experience you get with the Microformer.
  • Motivating environment—The energy and ambiance of a Lagree studio, from the music to the lighting, elevates your workout experience. 


Comparing Lagree on demand at home with the studio experience ultimately comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. If you’re looking to maximize your results, there’s no doubt about it that the workout you get on the Megaformer in the studio is the optimal choice. It elevates your experience. 

Exercising at home with the Microformer may be a more appealing option as far as cost-effectiveness and convenience go. But for many of us, community is an important part of the fitness experience. Working out on the Microformer alone is a completely different experience than being on the Megaformer in the studio, surrounded by your fellow Lagree lovers. 

At Lagree Fit 415, you get a boutique studio fitness experience and a supportive community. And that’s on top of getting the most effective and efficient full-body workout. The ultimate Lagree experience takes place in the studio. It’s the complete package. Get your fabulous self to Lagree Fit 415—sign up for your first class!